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Dremmel no doubt did a cleaner job than my hacksaw. I used a thread file to clean up the cut I had made up the side of bolt. Nice clean hole makes for more accurate torquing plus it saved my butt by alowing removal of broken stretch bolt. Also I was lucky. 

Bob in NY
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When i did a friend's head gasket, we used an old
bolt, and I dremeled slots along the length of one of
the head bolts to make a tool to chase the threads and
clean them out.  That seemed to work for his engine,
at least so far...

Is this the kind of thing you're talking about?


--- raymond greeley <rgreeley2 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> When you say cleaning the bolt holes are you running
> a tap or new bolt 
> through clear any deposits
> that have built up. btw that was quite an approach
> to removing the broken 
> stud. Which source of bolts seem to be preferred by
> most here.
> To all i'm looking for a  donor rabbi for a pet
> project (no pun intended), 
> td would be nice yet a NA, decent runner would
> suffice
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