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Well I like the guide part OK. And I usually go 180-degrees once rather than 90-degrees twice - with a nice long breaker bar; not so bad. And the price of RW is more than I can swing; ARP is cheaper? hmmmmm. Are they good quality? Maybe next time the head comes off. Still seems extravagant considering head is usually good for at least 100k miles (four years). Something to ponder.
Thanks for info.

Bob in NY


They can be reused, they are *SO* much easier to install, just torque down to 58 ft.lb. as I recall in 3 steps and re-torque
once and you are done.  None of this gut-busting 90-degree cranking on the stretch bolts.  And it makes installing the head
nice, the suds guide the head right down into place, sure you can use old bolts or dowels, but it is part of the stud.  And the
clamping force is more consistend, since you are not subject to a false torque reading is a bolt bottoms out in the block and
you are only torquing the nut on top of the stud, and not twisting the whole bolt.  I have Raceware on my 1.9D engine and ARP
head studs on my Toyota, they are both excellent.  I do think the RW studs are a little overpriced, the ARP stud kit was just
about $100 for my Toyota 4-cyl. engine, vs. about $170 for the RW studs.  I think ARP has something that will work for the VW
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