[Vwdiesel] GP#2 is IN ! !

Mike & Coreen Smith ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Wed Feb 2 20:11:02 EST 2005

Aptitude or ineptitude, it took me about 1.5 hours to install the 2nd
glowplug over from the left, if standing looking in the engine bay ! (that
includes a 7 or 8 minute break to run upstairs and calm a 4 yr old who was
having a bad dream.,...........and a 5 minute test drive after everything
was put back together.

No idea if it helped or not as car was "warm" already before
starting..........sitting inside my heated microsized garage for a few hours
prior to working on it.

I sure hope other GP's go easier than that one !


PS> 2 separate days of WD-40, 1 day of el-cheapo lubricant spray, then one
day of "PEN" by State chemicals, followed by application of Liquid wrench
(turquoise can, not yellow) seemed to finally free everything up.  Engine
was just barely luke warm to the touch when I started wrenching.  I think
the PO must have tried to get it out before me, as the threads on the tip
(for busbar) were waaay bent, and the 12mm wrench surface for the GP itself
actually had some old abrasions on it.

YAY 4 Mike !
Mike, Coreen & Corey Smith
699 Rte 616 Keswick Ridge
E6L 1T1

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