[Vwdiesel] Wiring Voltage Gauge FOLLOW-UP

Kelly McMullen kellym at aviating.com
Wed Feb 2 23:23:41 EST 2005

Don't know whether your gauge, voltmeter, wiring or battery are at fault.
You should have >12.5 volts on a fully charged battery. Alternator should
deliver charge at anything much over 900 rpm, and full output by 15-1700rpm.
Regulator should hold voltage in 13.6 to 14.2 range, ideally close to 14.0.
Below 12.5 and the battery is discharging. Alternator needs about 10-11
volts min. at the field to energize.Sounds like something wrong with the
alternator...belt could be part of it.
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Installed the gauge today along with an old GTI triple panel console shifter
housing. Fused the voltage and light feed with a 5-amp inline fuse. Is this
about right size wise? The car has a/c and a 65-amp alternator. The car has
a gas cluster with tach, which isn't hooked-up. For some reason the
alternator wil not energize (kick-in) until you rev the engine a little.
Volt gauge stays at 12 or slightly below before alternator is energized. The
way I can tell when the alternator is energized is the tach starts to swing
over to the 4000 rpm range. Then the volt gauge reads above 13, usually
around 13 when car is in motion. At idle, falls to 12. May need to change
belt as it's a little loose and it's adjusted as far as it can be. Any ideas
on why the alternator won't energize? The car is a diesel. Also, any
suggestions to painting the blue GTI console to tan to match the interior. I
know there is Krylon Fusion, but I don't believe they have a color match.
Appliance epoxy paint?
 Finally, the light on the gauge is pretty poor, can this be swapped for a
brighter bulb, and if so, what type, kind and rating? Thanks!--- On Wed
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00:54:18 -0500 (EST)Subject: Re: [Vwdiesel] Wiring Voltage GaugeThe light
and positive can be run to the fuel solenoid? The ground to the battery?--- 
On Wed 02/02, Roger Brown &amp;lt; r.c.brown at ieee.org &amp;gt; wrote:From:
Roger Brown [mailto: r.c.brown at ieee.org]To: vwdiesel at vwfans.comDate: Tue, 01
Feb 2005 21:44:01 -0800Subject: Re: [Vwdiesel] Wiring Voltage
Gaugesorrentino2 at excite.com wrote:&amp;gt; &amp;gt; I have a GTI voltage
gauge that I'd like to install on my '83 Rabbit diesel w/ac. The gauge
currently has a plastic connector with a brown and black wire attached; and
a male spade, I guess for the light. What do I need to do to hook this up?
Thanks!Don't recall the specific terminals I used for m
 ine, but I think one is the light, one is ground and the third is the
voltageinput. I tapped into the fuel cutoff solenoid on the injector pump
for my voltage source. It is switched with the "ignition"and makes a good
troubleshooting point if you have starting
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