[Vwdiesel] Shift light?

Smith, Michael Michael.Smith at rvh.nb.ca
Thu Feb 3 07:45:46 EST 2005


Is this a different switch than the one for the reverse light? (sorry, I am
at work reading this and haven't even looked at the tranny yet.)

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> Mike & Coreen Smith wrote:
> > 
> > I jammed the wire into the W-terminal (it had rotted off) in a moment of
> > weakness (I know it's the incorrect repair) and shift light seems to
> work
> > better, but it's still telling me to shift @ around 80km/h in 5th
> > gear..........86 Golf 1.6D
> > 
> > Did the sneaky VW folks hide a 6th gear on this ol' rig that I am not
> aware
> > of, or is this always the way the "computer" acts ;-0
> That says that the 5th gear switch in the end of the tranny is not working
> right.  Its the big electrical connector near the
> tranny mount.  Logic is that the 5th gear contact opens in 5th gear and
> diasbles the upshift light, same thing happens and
> closed and wide open throttle (via the two switches on the throttle
> linkage).
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>    Roger
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