[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 143 --( Shalyn etc is it a curse ? )

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I found this on line from what Hagar wrote on Hexyl Nitrate.



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I'm also wondering what I could get for a bunch of TDI parts or a 
project car or a car with a recently rebuilt head.  I'm starting to 
think the devil I know isn't such a good choice.  I've had a lot of 
really bad things happen in that car, both mechanical and personal, and 
I'm starting to think that our mojo's aren't compatible.  I'm not 
Catholic, so I can't even exorcise it.  All Presbyterians can do is 
nominate a special committee to look into the matter. 

I appreciate any technical advice.


I Hagar is a nuts and bolts person   ----if something goes wrong ?
------BUT then again
I do not rule out Magic  ---and  devine manipulation.

Shalyn the technical part is simple -----the mindset is the hard part.    So
you need a bit
of  REPROGRAMMING    ------  My technical advice goes like this  ---READ
READ the
Bentley   and the Archives.   -----if we can do it ?   ----shure as shit you
I am NOT a mechanic  or ever was.  ----- but I read and read and read ---and
it shows.

EH ?     20 year old girl   doing  78 miles to the gallon Imp -----and
handles like a sports car ?
OK OK she will not drag you ----but I dont care.

So I read for a lot of hours ?    yes I did.    ---- VW diesels are tricky
little buggers.
BUT  when you get the hang of it ?  ---wow   ----NO going back.

And for you NON starters ?    go after that CETANE number.     EU ?  minimum
Canada  ?    Shell Oil   say 40 is great ?   -----my ass.


PS :    Doyt Echelberger is an expert on  Hexyl Nitrate   ----hope he will
write a bit of a thread on
this chemical   ---so we all can know what it really is.     I talked to the
refinery and
some of the guys do not like to handle it. ?.
They said it was dangerous or something in 45 gallon drums.
I do have the mixing ratio instructions here somewhere.      Get a liter or
two if you can,
it will make that Rabbit get up and run like crazy  at 40 below.

I am getting  some  so help me.     and Ether.
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