[Vwdiesel] bumper outlet

Gerry Wolfe gjwolfe at telus.net
Fri Feb 4 17:03:12 EST 2005

Here's what I've set up on my '91 Jetta TD for the block heater and battery
warmer... it's worked fine for too many winters in salt-encrusted Ontario...

Go to the website

(note the WWW3 prefix!!!)

and click on the link to "VW Shots" (bottom left).

rgds, g.

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> Hey, I'm looking for an electric outlet to put in my bumper (or
> somewhere) so I don't have to crack the bonnet every time I want to plug
> it in. I'm having some trouble finding one though. I know they exist,
> because my brother-in-law has one on his Dodge truck. I just can't seem
> to get the proper query into google either, I end up with all sorts of
> stuff I'm not looking for.
> If anyone knows where they can be had, I'd greatly letting me know.
> Thanks
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