[Vwdiesel] Rabbit droppings # 143 --( Shalyn etc is it a curse ? )

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Fri Feb 4 20:24:01 EST 2005

Bringing in supplies like ether in quantity and some alphabet soup
hexylmethylohmygosh I wonder how long it takes for the Queen's Men to kick
down the doors on Hagar's place as a suspected meth lab. No outrunning them
in a 78mpg Rabbit.... sports car handling or not. Best not have anything
growing nearby Hagar. :-0
Let's start a pool...  I got a fin sitting on the first week in June.

Oh, and Shalyn.  You gotta think on the positive.  It's easier to drive to
the cliff that it rolls off of.  Insurance may suspect something if you have
a tow bill to the top of the hill...
Now you know what it is like to farm and have it go wrong a few years in a
row, just add a few zeros to get the scale right.  Just keep plugging...
It's pretty nice when it all works.
-farmer James

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I'm also wondering what I could get for a bunch of TDI parts or a
project car or a car with a recently rebuilt head.  I'm starting to
think the devil I know isn't such a good choice.  I've had a lot of
really bad things happen in that car, both mechanical and personal, and
I'm starting to think that our mojo's aren't compatible.  I'm not
Catholic, so I can't even exorcise it.  All Presbyterians can do is
nominate a special committee to look into the matter.

I appreciate any technical advice.


I Hagar is a nuts and bolts person   ----if something goes wrong
  ------BUT then again
I do not rule out Magic  ---and  devine manipulation.

Shalyn the technical part is simple -----the mindset is the hard part.    So
you need a bit
of  REPROGRAMMING    ------  My technical advice goes like this  ---READ
READ the
Bentley   and the Archives.   -----if we can do it ?   ----shure as shit you
I am NOT a mechanic  or ever was.  ----- but I read and read and read ---and
it shows.

EH ?     20 year old girl   doing  78 miles to the gallon Imp -----and
handles like a sports car ?
OK OK she will not drag you ----but I dont care.

So I read for a lot of hours ?    yes I did.    ---- VW diesels are tricky
little buggers.
BUT  when you get the hang of it ?  ---wow   ----NO going back.

And for you NON starters ?    go after that CETANE number.     EU ?  minimum
Canada  ?    Shell Oil   say 40 is great ?   -----my ass.


PS :    Doyt Echelberger is an expert on  Hexyl Nitrate   ----hope he will
write a bit of a thread on
this chemical   ---so we all can know what it really is.     I talked to the
refinery and
some of the guys do not like to handle it. ?.
They said it was dangerous or something in 45 gallon drums.
I do have the mixing ratio instructions here somewhere.      Get a liter or
two if you can,
it will make that Rabbit get up and run like crazy  at 40 below.

I am getting  some  so help me.     and Ether.
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