[Vwdiesel] 4 GP's are the key !

Smith, Michael Michael.Smith at rvh.nb.ca
Mon Feb 7 07:22:31 EST 2005

Granted, it's not real cold here the past week and I may eat my words
yet,)oh dear) but since I got all 4 GP's working, I've only ever need to
whirl the
starter over 2 or 3 times before Bondo Golfy fires to life.
This morning it was -11*C/12.2*F and without it being plugged in, it whirled
maybe twice (1/2second max) and it instantly fired to life.

HArd for me to compare as I've only JUST got the 4th GP working, but will
cranking be quite a bit harder @ , at, say -22*C than @ -11*C?

With the weather mimicking spring here the past week, I may have to drive
straight north for 10 hours to get back into the deep freeze so I can test
the 4 GP's
against Mother nature.......or wait til next winter and eat my words.....lol

Inquiring minds.

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