[Vwdiesel] Tuning Box group buy offer for TDI owners

Kenneth E. Oldrid koldrid at uvm.edu
Mon Feb 7 09:23:13 EST 2005

I've hillbilly tuned my passat TDI with decent results, both on diesel and
vegetable oil. I think it's called the "beer can mod", because it costs the
same as a can of beer. Learned about it on the TDIclub. It's basically a
potentiometer (1k ohm maybe?)wired in parellel with 2 wires on the injection
pump that monitor fueling quantity. With a turn of a dial, I go from stock
fueling to a bit of smoke at max setting and full throttle. Works great for
passing, or for blasting some obnoxious tailgaters with a little smoke.
I hooked it up last year when I was ice racing on Lake Champlain, and it helped.
Obviously, you'll need to find info on TDI club if you want to try it. One thing
I notice is it needs to be turned down to halfway or less when I shut the car
down, or else I get a blinking glow plug light for the next half dozen
startups. It eventually resets this light however.
So, no where near the sophistication of the tuning boxes or chips, but it does
deliver more fuel when asked!


> > A chip can be procecuted   ---but NOT HILLBILLY TUNING..
> >
>   I guess the counter to your statement would be "Show us how to
> "hillbilly tune" a TDI and I'm sure many would try it.  Chipping IS
> customer performance tuning.  Catch is that we can't all afford to
> buy the equipment and invest the time into writing new software
> for the TDI chips so we let someone else do it and pay them for
> THEIR time.  If laws go against it in this country it would mean a
> "locked hood" policy, which has been proposed and fought for many
> years already.
>   Gimme a dyno for 20 minutes and I can tune my diesels for optimum.
> Otherwise I just don't get to drive one enough anymore to go out dinking
> on an afternoon.  :-P
>   Dad's pickup is set up for just about as much fuel as I could set the
> pump for without cranking up the fueling screw.  It only smokes if I
> really lug it or romp it starting out.  No hillbilly tuning, just set to
> specs
> or a tad fast.  Spaceship fully operational and the cone rotated for max
> or near max increase with the spring perch lowered for quicker onset.
> Not set "lean" but no smoke.  :-)
>     Loren
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