[Vwdiesel] dang blast it...here's some soda for you

Michael Hitchings mhitchings at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 7 14:38:00 EST 2005

I went to the local car show this weekend and one booth was setup by a local guy who does mobile soda blasting. He uses baking soda. Apparently it will remove paint and such materials, but won’t harm chrome/plastic/glass/trim/etc.  The best part is it does not mar the finish at all and fills the pores in the metal to prevent rusting for about 2-3 months in most climates.  I was very intrigued. He said all he needs for his setup is an open commercial area (too loud for the residential) and a supply of water (for cleanup…hose the ground).  We asked about the cost for a VW Beetle body (circa ’67) and he stated about $350…not bad when you consider the sandblasting/bead-blasting place wanted close to $1000. 


http://www.blasterclean.com/SodaBlasting.htm   ....just as an example




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blasting ) 
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Like I said many times ---- them krauts are tricky (meaning smart).

Some years ago I walked in to a paintshop -----on the floor was skip after skip of
Rogers sugar.

The boss was a German ---- I looked at him and asked whats about the sugar ?

Said he ---for blasting ----- "How sweet is is" said I.

Pure genious. EH ?





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