[Vwdiesel] Bunny For Sale

McCanless, James james.mccanless at lmco.com
Mon Feb 7 18:03:24 EST 2005

I am moving to a different vehicle (1991 Jetta Eco) and need to sell
this one. I commute 100 miles each day and I find that distance to be
tiring for me. I know I am a softie and probably should not have that
long of a commute. Maybe the Jetta just spoiled me too much. I have too
many vehicles anyway but that is another story.  
1983, 2 door Rabbit, 1.6 NA, 4 speed, Black w/Grey
Since September when I purchased it:
New PPG windshield, alternator, Water Pump, Thermostat, #3 and #4 fuel
lines, GP Relay, Tires have about 2k on them.
>From PO maintenance done and how long ago:
Pump rebuilt 15K , injectors 5K, GP 3K.

Needs Drivers CV (I have it just not installed yet), muffler (not whole
exhaust), struts.

History that I am aware of:
Purchased in CA immediately moved to AK. There until 2001 then moved to
MO. I purchased in September '04. Minimal rust around wheel wells and
behind the strut towers. 

Has started immediately (quicker than the Jetta TDI on all the mornings
this winter...12F was the coldest). Slight change in sound with CS lever

Looking for $1600 OBO. Permission granted to say, "Troy, you are whacked
in the head" and make offers. Feel free to call. 

I thought I would offer it to the list before pursuing other avenues.


Troy McCanless
F/A-22 Technical Support Center
(770)793-1011 Fax
(877)558-4516 Pager
james.mccanless at lmco.com

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