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Chuck Carnohan Chuck.Carnohan at itd.idaho.gov
Mon Feb 7 18:11:16 EST 2005

I used heavy visqueen (from the hardware store) and glued in on with
clear silicon adhesive.  I just ran a bead around the door where I
wanted the plastic to stick. It hasn't fallen off yet- about 3 years.


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> Yesterday, I tried once again to re-seal the plastic sheeting inside
> doors of the A2 Jetta.  Last time, I tried 3M body seal adhesive.
> time, I tried 3M weather strip adhesive.  Neither time did it actually

> stick to the plastic sheeting I made new liners from.  Anyone have an 
> adhesive or plastic sheeting they'd like to recommend?  I've been
> to  work up some motivation and take care of some long-neglected
> before the floor pan rots out. 

Two solutions -

1. On my old '85, I got tired of this same problem, and ended up tucking
the bottom 
1-2" of the plastic *inside* the door frame, and taping it there. This
meant even if it 
came undone, the water would still run down inside the door and drain
out the way it 
should. It seemed to work fine for several years.

2. You could try one of two things that I've thought of, but never
actually tried - 
mactac double sided tape, or the black sticky goo that is used to stick
plastic vapour 
barrier to just about anything in a new house. Comes in a caulking tube,
and is 
incredibly sticky, like nothing else I've seen before. Imagine a mixture
of tree sap and 
roofing tar...

Shawn Wright
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