[Vwdiesel] Latest updates on my '81 rabbit

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Tue Feb 8 13:39:56 EST 2005

Having fun if nothing else!  More to come when
> I
> make some more progress.
> Bryant

I  Hagar  had more fun FUN   fidling with these little marvels than anything .
If you do NOT have fun ? (quit now)  ---   VW problems ?   ----solving them is part of
the FUN.    At 73     I had lots of fun  with Harleys     MG sportscars       Bensen Gyros

Vespa Scooter ?   -----a ball of fun ----using no gasoline to worry about.  (125cc job)

A VW Rabbit is like a Stradivarious  -----Tuned right in the hands of a good driver ?
WOW   ----let me tell you there is nothing better ---anywhere in the world.

I talk ONLY about OLD Rabbits  1977 to 1984.     And remember when I say nothing better ?
it means ALL AROUND.
I have a 1982    two door   Rabbit 1.6L NA   --that I play with     and I do mean PLAY.
I drive Bunny Bondo   ---that cute little four door 1984   1.6L  Turbo   Rabbit.     Light metallic blue.
Nothing I ever come in contact with ? --compares.           Opera ?   four people in full dresses and
coats and tails ?   ----you bet  ----going on a vacation ?    you bet    78 miles to the gallon
Imp.  ---  what a girl.       And she was scrapped not long ago ?  maybe 2 years ?


PS :    And make shure ---that driver side door does not drop on your
big TOE .   If you do hinge pins. ----Shit is that thing heavy ? or what.

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