[Vwdiesel] Latest updates on my '81 rabbit

Bryant Baecht bbaecht at sunflower.com
Tue Feb 8 15:09:20 EST 2005

First thing I did when connecting the battery was to turn the ignition on
and put my ear by the injection pump while putting the postive cable on the
battery.  Click, click, click it went.

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Can you hear that the solenoid is turning on/off with
the ignition switch?

Turn the switch on, then connect/disconnect the plug
on the solenoid and see if it clicks then.  Doesn't
look like you tested it that way.  You gotta know that
it is getting power from the ignition switch.

You can pull the injectors out of the holes and look
in there to see if the gps are actually heating up.
(You'll see them glow red.)  Best way to know for

If the temp sensor on the coolant flange is
disconnected,  then the gp relay will think that the
engine is totally cold and run the plugs for a long
time (why your test light stayed on for a long time).

Good luck,


--- Bryant Baecht <bbaecht at sunflower.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
>      Got the '81 picked up Sunday instead of
> Saturday and today I got the
> battery in it and started work.  This rabbit is NOT
> currently running, so
> started with checking the fuel cutoff selenoid on
> the IP.  With battery
> disconnected and ignition on, I put my ear by the IP
> and connected battery +
> post and heard a click.  Repeated several times with
> same result so should
> be good there.  Connected battery and turned on
> ignition.  No glow plug led.
> I hooked up my multi-meter to the GP bus and turned
> on ignition.  Got 12
> volts.  Monitored it and it took about 50 seconds to
> shut off.  Hummm,
> thinking this ain't good.  Turned the engine over a
> few times with
> absolutely no hits.  Currently 25 F here.  Pulled
> the bus off the GP's and
> started testing for continuity.  None of the GP's
> would make a beep on my
> multi-meter.  So pulled all the fuel lines and
> pulled the GP's.  They have
> the brass washer looking thing so are fast ones.
> I'll check with the VW
> place to see if they have 4 fast GP's and a new fast
> relay.  Anyway,
> hopefully making progress.  Having fun if nothing
> else!  More to come when I
> make some more progress.
> Bryant
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