[Vwdiesel] The '81 Rabbit is alive

Chuck Carnohan Chuck.Carnohan at itd.idaho.gov
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Yep, it could be the fuel filter.  You can drain it until the fuel runs
clean (little valve on bottom of filter), top-off the filter through the
banjo on top (get rid of that air) and see if that helps.  

Is your air filter clean?  If it sat for a long time it could be that it
needs to be driven.  

Before you run this car much:  TIMING BELT- do you know how long it has
been on the car?  If not, change it.  If you haven't worked on diesels
be sure and get the Bentley manual before you do much work to it!

Since it has been sitting for sometime, it could have condensation in
the fuel tank causing problems also.  You could drain the tank and put
in fresh diesel with about a cup of 2-cycle oil and a good cetane
booster/fuel conditioner.  Then, change the fuel filter, refill the new
filter with ATF and run the engine.

There are several products out there to help clean the engine, inj.
Pump, injectors.  The most touted is Diesel Purge.  I use ATF and Power
Service Cetane booster as D. Purge isn't available to me locally.

It sounds like you are well on your way to happy dieseling!  Do you have
a Bentley Manual?  If not, get one!  You can find them on Ebay pretty


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Hi all,
     Just came in from running it!  YEAH!  Finally got her running, but
wouldn't idle at all at first, and at the end of the warmup, she'd idle
was hunting all over the place.  So, thinking maybe dirty diesel filter
What sounds like the fix for this?  I'd think running it for 10 minutes
would have been enough to get all the air out but I suppose that's a
possibility too?


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