[Vwdiesel] runs rough when cold

gary gbangs at cfl.rr.com
Wed Feb 9 10:55:14 EST 2005

My PU had a fuel starvation problem recently. SO bad actually, it caused
the input shaft to seize.

At first I replaced the filter. No improvement. Then I blew down the
lines all the way to the tank. On the PU there are no check valves in
the way. Bingo! Now I have great flow and problem solved. Well, now that
there is a replacement pump in there!

Have you checked for algae? Wasn't you car a paper weight for quite a
while? If there is a screen(sock?) on the fuel pickup in the tank, it
may be clogged.

On the Rabbits(Golf as well) the top of the tank is readily accessible.
You can pull the sender/pickup assy and see what is going on in there.


On Wed, 2005-02-09 at 08:19 -0400, Smith, Michael wrote:
> OK, admittedly, I haven't even checked the fuel filter to see if it's dirty
> or anything.
> When I start Bondo Golfy and warm it up for say, 1 minute or so, then take
> off down the road, it "bogs out" (in lieu of a technical term) when revs are
> probably (I'm guessing) above maybe 2500rpm. (worse under load).
> If I am going up a small hill or whatever, it's a little worse and I am
> "forced" to change gears earlier than normal...  Once I am down the road 5
> kms and the temp guage is starting to rise up around the 1/4-1/3 mark (when
> @ full warmth its just below the 1/2-way mark) the engine runs normally with
> no bogging out...and I can really rev it out.
> It almost feels like (if this were a gas car) like it has bad plug
> wires....or maybe starving for fuel.  It's not "jerky"...just goes from say,
> full power to half power when revs get high when car is cold. (if that makes
> sense)
> Only when the car is cold.....outside temps don't seem to make any
> difference It's been -25*C to a balmy +10*C with no real change...other than
> perhaps slightly longer to get to "warm" when it's really cold outside.
> Is it a bad fuel filter?
> I'm on my 2nd tank of fuel. First tank had a little gasoline added (about
> when I reached 1/2 a tank).  No difference at any time. Car has been plugged
> in,a dn not plugged in overnight with no real difference.  Ran old sloppy
> oil, new 15w40 oil and now 5w30 synthetic oil.  No diff.
> Mike in NB
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