[Vwdiesel] Engine ID

Kenneth E. Oldrid koldrid at uvm.edu
Wed Feb 9 19:49:47 EST 2005

Hey David,
I wouldn't remove and re-install 1 headbolt; you shouldn't have to. Chuck is
correct. Just take valve cover off. You will then have easy access to the tops
of the head bolts. If it is an allen bolt, it is a 11mm head bolt, If you have
the 12 pointed female bolt head, then they are 12mm head bolts.


> I want to add that the local mechanic suggested
> removing one head bolt, measuring it, and replacing it
> to know which ones it takes.
> The reason I want to know before I tear into it is
> that the car is my only transportation at the moment,
> and I want to hope and pray that the head is good, and
> that I can get it done in a weekend.  That will,
> naturally, require having the parts beforehand.  It is
> only the tiniest exhaust leak into the coolant and is
> still driveable around town.
> Could the remove-measure-replace method work?  If so,
> would I be correct in assuming that probably a middle
> bolt would be best to remove?
> Thanks,
> David
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