[Vwdiesel] Engine ID

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Wed Feb 9 23:30:38 EST 2005

The engine number is hidden behind hoses, the
injection pump, etc to the point that I'm not sure I
would be able to tell for sure exactly what it is. 

  Well, it's not behind the pump but it IS right behind the hose 
going from the head down to the pump.  All you need is the 
first two letters so it might be worth a little scraping or even 
letting some coolant out and pulling that one hose.  Then 
you'll KNOW what engine it is.  
  Otherwise you need to know if it's a 1.5 or a 1.6.  Back side of the 
block will have a big 1.6 cast into it or just a big D for the 1.5L.  After 
that you need to know if it has 12 pt or 6 pt head bolts.  If a tech tells 
you to pull one to tell, as stated, he DOESN'T know VW diesels!  In 
those cases they generally manage to crack a block if allowed to 
assist or do the job!  6pt are 11mm and 12 pt are 12mm ALWAYS.  
11mm are reusable, 12mm are technically not.
  Never heard of a stretch 11mm bolt available.

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