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Don't you love it when your hard work pays off.
WTG Sandy :-)


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> Well Goldie is back on the road, and sounds nice. I put in a 2 notch where
> the original was a 1 notch, and there are slight differences. The starter
> spins the engine like a top, and although it starts as quickly as ever, it
> doesn't like the knob pushed in until it has warmed up a bit. Before, I
> could almost push it in as soon as it started.
> Carefull examination of the head, block , and old gasket suggest it's been
> "seeping" for some time. This goes along with the pressurised reservoir
> problem.
> 2 Years ago, I reduced the spring tension on the pressure cap to relieve
> a lower pressure, and it has  been blowing off a little from time to time
> for years.
> The original gasket was nowhere near the quality of the replacement, and I
> think it was the one used at the reman shop when it was rebuilt.
> The pistons were nice and snug, and the inside was clean (veggie oil?)
> No problem lifting the head with the manifolds and turbo in place. I
> have guided the oil return into its fitting before bolting the head down.
> had to fight with it a bit.
> Now to do the timing belt again, it's overdue, and I have to change the
> thermostat again... I drilled a little weeper hole in it, and now the
> will not warm up to normal.
> Now for some local driving tomorrow to find out what I forgot to tighten
> Sandy
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