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Arnie Grubbs vhuntertdi at yahoo.com
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Milk Of Magnesia - MOM,  is very good for something like this.
Where I work we have been using it for many years on several
 large plastic extruders that have 750 to 1200 watt cartridge
 type electric heaters in the dies.

Each die can have up to 70 of these heaters in them. Die zones
run about 650-850 deg F.  I know for a fact that if the heater
starts to back out it will glow red, and it will not last very
long.  We buy mom by the case. Dip the heater in it and slide
it into the hole in the die.  The heaters usually come out with
a tug, or twist.  If not used, channel locks or a drill bit are
sometimes needed, and the die assembler gets drilled too!

As each die runs about a week then gets all the heaters removed
and then cleaned in a Barenger for the next weeks run, the 
heaters must be easly removed many times.  Each die costs over
$200,000 so it is a good idea not to screw it up!

P.S.  If all goes well this weekend I'll be picking up a 
radiator this Sunday for my '81 rabbit.  Then I'll be 
looking to get the alternator installed without the
AC pump, and checking out the GP circuit to see whats 
keeping it from heating. 

73 - KA0NCR

Arnie,  in Nebraska

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I do understand that if you don't use anti-seize the glow plugs can get next
to impossible to remove.
They probably don't want the antiseize to get smeared on the shiny by greasy
mechanic fingers and detract from the looks of the new plugs when
installed... in theory nickel doesn't share electrons with aluminum.  In
practice, it sticks like shit to a blanket without the stuff.  I have
nickel, copper, and aluminum antiseize, all great, all works at the heat
range it was intended to operate at.
Justin, what's this about Milk of Magnesia- are you using it as antiseize in
that application? Maybe because of no grease binder to hold the particulate
metal together as in antiseize?  Never heard of that one...

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