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David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 10 10:24:05 EST 2005


Do you just mix the veggie oil with diesel and drive
it like that?  Or do you have the full conversion with
tank/line heaters, etc?

I know of a guy with a DV'gon that just mixes the oil
with fuel (different quantities for different weather)
and burnes it like that.


--- Sandy Cameron <scameron at compmore.net> wrote:

> Thread on dirty fuel continues. I found the box for
> the pre-filter I use.
> It's sold by Canadian Tire Corp here, but the
> package numbering suggetsts
> it's NAFTA.
> cTc info, 
> cTc# 23-3515-4
> Replaces GF61M
> UPC# 2335154
> On package flap, not sure what it's for, PF-061M-1CC
> It is an over size in-line cartridge filter, I
> think, a replacement for some
> GM pickup.
> This comes with a couple of 5/16" hose sections 2"
> long, and some clamps.
> Same size as hoses to the main volksfilter. They
> cost about $3 CDN, and
> since I am running quite a bit of used veggie mix in
> summer, this saves the
> main filter for the realy dangerous stuff. I carry a
> few in the trunk, and
> can change them on the fly by the side of the road.
> Only had to do that once
> when I was burning off some old furnace oil for a
> friend.
> Sandy
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