[Vwdiesel] Definitive frozen lock fix

Shirley, Mark R MarkRShirley at eaton.com
Thu Feb 10 11:35:17 EST 2005

I've never cleaned the lard out.  I've sprayed an assortment of
chemical substances into the mechanisms over the years to prevent
this problem, and generally avoided washing the car during cold spells,
to the consternation of the wife.  Currently the latch in question 
moves freely with a coating of spray grease on it, but just will not
latch manually in the closed door position.  I assume there is something
amiss in the internals of the latch mechanism.  I once attempted to 
remove the latch mechanism, but reversed course once I realized I was
over my head.  I did not have the Bentley at that time, but do now.
I may have to attempt it again.  We have a very nice automatic ultrasonic
parts washer here at work.  That might do the trick.

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> Of course your experiencing a cold spell; so it's down to
> the European spec 'lard' being used on the mechanism?
> Miser
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> It closes just fine when it's warm.  The door is adjusted
> fine.
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> >
> > Mark when you have time  like a coffee break  go to the
> door
> > and whilst it is open play with the swinging/rotating bit
> on
> > the door to see if that's not 'locking' into position...
> or
> > does this modern tack not have the good 'ole time served
> > mechanism.
> > If it does exist and it appears fine then its because the
> > door is not going in far enough to 'click'
> >
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