[Vwdiesel] GP-s and Mom..

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Thu Feb 10 14:35:59 EST 2005


Milk Of Magnesia - MOM,  is very good for something like this.
73 - KA0NCR

Arnie,  in Nebraska

I hagar   would no sooner install GP s   right out of the box than rear bearings whitout
grease.  NICKEL    pikle my ass  .There are many coatings  some with synthetic
oil some with NO OIL OR GREASE at all.     Dry moly    graphite flakes  and on and on.

There you go    -----upset stomack  because you glowplugs no glow ?    perfect union.
I have one here   ---use it on the lathe    ----Laxative Oil.  "Mineral Oil"  U.S.P. Heavy.
DIN 01935348      James Hansen it works like stink.----(NO STINK ).     I tried babyoil
first   ------it   STINKS. (And now I am REGULAR).

Zinc Oxide  Ointment   20 %     sounds good    ----Vaseline Super. ---- and on and on
and on.    Candles ?      Canaola oil   ?     Toothpaste ?   Pledge ?   only limited
by your imagination.      Water glass ? (Mercedes headgaskets)   ----BUT
Milk of Magnesia is my favorit right now   WOW.


PS :      I see potions all over the place. 

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