[Vwdiesel] Pumps: 1.6TD vs. 1.9TD

Ignacio Martin peasofurgo at yahoo.es
Fri Feb 11 08:37:14 EST 2005


I am new to the group. I have a vanagon syncro with an AAZ engine. I am 
using the stock JX fuel pump and it is time for a rebuit of the pump. I 
was wondering if it is worth to upgrade to the AAZ pump or staly with 
the JX one. I am searching for info about differences between these two 

The first information that I have is that the 6th digit in the pump 
number (Bosch) correspond to the plunger size. Both pumps have a 9mm 
plunger, so this is good news.

If both pumps have the same plunger, and assuming that both pumps 
deliver the same fuel pressure, the only difference could be in the 
camplate profile ( I assume they have the same lift since I assume same 
pressure). Am I right ? I know that there is also the issue of the shim 
at the end of the plunger that could influence the pressure.

BTW, anyone knows if the last three digits of the pump number contain 
more useful information ?


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