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Chuck Carnohan Chuck.Carnohan at itd.idaho.gov
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Star is 12mm stretch, period.  I've not heard of replacing 11mm with
12mm stretch bolts not to say it isn't possible.  VERY UNLIKELY though.
Here is what Sandy had to say about it a while back- Most all of the
info applies to your Rabbit.

>I'm kinda curious: How did you get the head off without removing
>manifolds? In a Vanagon, I always have to remove the manifolds.

On an A2 jetta, NA, I just pop off the exhaust spring clamps, remove the
timing belt, off with the top and head bolts, and lift it off as a unit.
makes a whole lot of sense to me. Getting those manifold bolts out with
the engine in the car is a scary thought.

There's plenty of clearance, and I can lift it with my little electric
($129DCDN) abt $100US

On a Turbo, I'll have to disconnect the oil lines to the turbo, but I
should still be able to lift the head, manifolds, and turbo as a unit.

I prefer to do the head gasket with the engine in the car as I don't
have a stable engine stand. Otherwise, I prefer to pull the
engine/tranny for any major surgery.. Much easier to torque the bolts
wit the car holding the engine for me.

Oh yes, one other thing, I pull the front headlight bulkhead and
radiator, makes so much room to work and only takes a handfull of bolts
and a few minutes.

Someone asked if I was going to plane the head, answer, no. It has not
been overheated above boiling, so I'll just do a good gasket
replacement. I do it with surgical precision, polish both surfaces with
rag and solvent, clean and dry, no oil or gasket goo, Fill all bolt
holes with solvent and soak overnight, Scrub threads with a tiny
toothbrush. Suck them dry with vacuum and straw. I have a couple of used
bolts with lengthwise saw slots that I chase the threads with. One more
squirt with brake cleaner and vacuum again.

Alignment pins made of old head bolts cut off with slot in top for screw
driver to remove after.

Lighty spray threads of new head bolts with out board motor "fogging"
oil and allow to drain off on a sheet of cardboard. then put them in..
It has woked twice on NA's, still running after several years and many


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I was able to look in the oil filler hole after
rolling up a paper towel to soak up the oil that had
pooled in the hole and see what I had.

They are definately the allen type fasteners, so they
are the 11mm bolts.  

Do I infer correctly from your post that the 11mm are
NOT stretch bolts?



--- Chuck Carnohan <Chuck.Carnohan at itd.idaho.gov>

> Take your valve cover off and look at the head
> bolts.  If they have
> hexagonal slot wrench holes (big allen wrench), they
> are 11mm.  If they
> are multi-pointed star type, they are 12mm stretch
> bolts. 
> Chuck 

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