[Vwdiesel] odd CV failure

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Sat Feb 12 13:22:41 EST 2005

Val Christian wrote:
> This is mostly anecdotal.  I've had CVs make noise for over 100K and
> taken them apart, cleaned, lubed, inspected, and found nothing
> observable wrong.  I have heard of CV joints catastrophically
> failing with no notice.  VW, Dodge, Chevy.
> My take is that nothing on cars is assured, and CV joints are proof.
> I'm glad you were able to make quick work of it.  It helps to keep
> the bolts on the axle flange unstuck, just for moments like
> your friend had.
> BTW, I had a CV rusted inside, with water in the boot, and it still
> worked.  I never tested it to see how much longer.  A replacement is
> cheap compared to a problem on the road.
> Val

I had an inner CV go on my with no warning signs at all.  Driving on a winding gravel road and I felt the back end of my pickup
getting a little loose, then all of a sudden the passenger side inner siezed and turned me towards the side of the road, into a
ditch.  Tried to back out and it popped and that was it.  Boot was also intact, full of grease and all the remnants of the
grenaded CV. 


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