[Vwdiesel] Interesting GP Note

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Feb 13 11:22:06 EST 2005

An interesting note on the Beru glowplug diagnostic page (Thanks, SW)
is that the glow plugs have nickel plating on the threads, and no
oil or grease should be used.

I would assume that Beru would then also recommend against Never-Sneeze
type products.

Does anyone understand the mechanics and chemistry of nickel plating in
an Al cylinder head?


I do understand that if you don't use anti-seize the glow plugs can get next
to impossible to remove.
They probably don't want the antiseize to get smeared on the shiny by greasy
mechanic fingers and detract from the looks of the new plugs when
installed... in theory nickel doesn't share electrons with aluminum.  In
practice, it sticks like shit to a blanket without the stuff.  I have
nickel, copper, and aluminum antiseize, all great, all works at the heat
range it was intended to operate at.
Justin, what's this about Milk of Magnesia- are you using it as antiseize in
that application? Maybe because of no grease binder to hold the particulate
metal together as in antiseize?  Never heard of that one...

I Hagar is in full agreement with  James Hansen.    --PERIOD.     If   BERU said that ?    they
have a stupid prooftreader or Engineer.    I do understand the problems of removing threaded
fasteners    Mechanically.     ----EVEN     brand new  threads.        ----I expect James Hansen
to explain in english what I call metal dragging and bunching up in the thread and expanding
and totally jamming things up.

CASE   first hand.:      SS     316    1 "   NC  bolt     Nut put on without copperlube C-5A   as
was normally done.  Nut put on fingertight ----NO WAY   to undo.  BRAND NEW bolt.

ALL the threadlubes I have  (MANY)   mention that the metal and graphite etc is stirred
in synthetic   high temperature oil.      Look up  Never Seize.    or  C-5A      and note
will NOT HARDEN with heat and age.

Please will some post the exact text from BERU ?

As to the Milk of magnesia ?   It was not mentioned in relation to glowplugs in aluminium heads.

The Turbines may be stell to steel or Monel   or Incoloy or such.    And the dies ?  and heaters ?
likewise a different combination of metals.         Interesting solution by innovatave people just
the same. ---IF it works ? use it.


PS :    Install a plug or an injector without anti seize application ?    you are STUPID.
Who is SW ?.

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