[Vwdiesel] Low voltage GP's.. Lineiar resistance...?

Arnie Grubbs vhuntertdi at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 13 18:42:33 EST 2005

I know I can't spell, but anyway.. :)

I was just sitting here thinking about GP's at lower voltage.. 
How do they act?  I know there are several different kinds.. fast and slow..
Do they act something like a light bulb, with resistance determined
by the temperature of the heating element? 

 Maybe I am all wet on this.. heck.. I have had a head cold since last
 Monday, and my head feels like it is going to bust open above my eyes... 
 I just got back a couple of hours ago from a rainy drive down to Manhattan
 to see David, and pick up a radiator for my green bunny...  It was nice to
 chat with David, but wish weather and my head were better, I would have liked
to stay and BS for a while.. :)

Anyhow.. back on GPs-
If they are non-liniar, then 5.5 volts would not give exactly 1/2 the current,
and therefore 1/4 the heat, as one would expect of a pure resistance heater element.

It would be interesting to measure the current, to see what it is at reduced V, and how it
changes over the time that the element is heating, at normal and reduced V.
This will be something for me to do when it warms up a little and my head feels like it is going
to stay attached...

73'  Arnie - KA0NCR   in rainy Nebraska...

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