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Tim Hicks emailastro at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 13 21:14:46 EST 2005

My 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 pickup with the Cummings engine has a manifold heater instead of glow plugs. Here is a link with some info on it. It states the Cummings Engine will start in -20 Degrees Fahrenheit without the need of a block heater.

Tim Hicks


Mark Shepherd <mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk> wrote:
> I thought about putting 12v on my block heater, but the
output would be so
> small I doubt it would
> overcome the cold ! (let alone warm up the engine)

Let's assume it's REAL cold. You probably need 5 kW of heat
to get your
block up to temp. That would be 5 car batteries, except
when they're
cold, they have less juice.

Perhaps we're barking up the wrong tree. Perhaps the best
cold start
solution might not be electrical. Another preheat / start
technique is
to use would be to preheat the intake air. If you have a NA
diesel, you
might consider a flame heater. Something like a propane
torch in the
intake, and a spark ignitor to light off the torch, once the
velocity from cranking gets high enough.

One could try this with the airbox removed, and the
airfilter out of the

I have seen / heard of some heavy equipment being started in
extreme cold
using a oxyacetylene torch in the intake manifold, to
preheat things.

Another option, is a gasser engine, running a small
generator, to get
conventional electric. That could run the block heat for a
couple of
hours (expensive), or possible to run electric elements in
the intake
manifold. (Yes sir, that porcupine intake manifold has 840
Beru 11 volt
glow plugs which are pulse width modulated to control the
intake air to
provide a uniform 700F temperature, regardless of the
cranking speed.
Once the starter motor disengages, the heaters show down.
Oh, how is it
powered? Well, we found that there was this isotope in
veggie oil,
which powers a small nuke electric plant in the trunk. If
we get it
perfected, we'll just modify the next vwdiesel model year to
be a
nuke powered electric car. Cleaner, and no fish 'n chips


...Val what do we need t oget the engine started? isn't it
just the fuel chamber that needs to be heated? Just so long
as cranking speed is sufficient. Wouldn't the glowplugs work
at a quarter to a third power for say 5 to10 minutes prior
to wishing to go...
Whilst it's still cold for you guys that trick I just told
mike for a quick 6 volt supply and a 1 clipped jump lead
onto the busbar would enable a test...

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