[Vwdiesel] cycling glowplugs

Mary Beth and Chris Geiser geiser at execpc.com
Mon Feb 14 07:38:03 EST 2005

Val wrote:
Another option, is a gasser engine, running a small generator, to get
conventional electric.  That could run the block heat for a couple of
hours (expensive), or possible to run electric elements in the intake 
manifold.  (Yes sir, that porcupine intake manifold has 840 Beru 11 volt
glow plugs which are pulse width modulated to control the intake air to
provide a uniform 700F temperature, regardless of the cranking speed.
Once the starter motor disengages, the heaters show down.

Val - You just stepped back 50 yrs... My 1955 John Deere 70 diesel 
has a small V-4 gas engine that starts first.  It runs the exhaust 
from the gas engine around the head/intake of the big engine to 
warm it, and it shares the coolant with the big engine so that it 
too gets warmed first.  Then the little engine works as a starter 
for the big engine via a clutch system.  Great idea when the 
mousetrap-like lever system works correctly and the gas engine 
runs well... The other great idea they had is the decompression 
system that holds the valves open so you can motor the big engine, 
get the big flywheel moving, and get oil pressure up before adding 
compression and starting the engine.


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