[Vwdiesel] engine electric generation

Val Christian val at swamps.roc.ny.us
Mon Feb 14 09:11:36 EST 2005

I posted about the early life of VW diesels, which were used as pumping 
powerplants at amusement parks.  Not as electric generators.

The delimina on generators is that you'll run at 3600 RPM, or 1800 RPM.
Save a transmission of some sort.  Either RPM is not necessariy ideal
for this engine.  Personally, I like the 1800 RPM approach.  Not as 
much power, nor heat, but quieter, and with longer life.


> Some weeks ago we discussed here the industrial use of the vw diesel as an 
> electric power plant
> in its early life. I'm wondering whether several higher output alternators 
> wouldn't produce
> a similar power source (and more available) as these earlier direct drive 
> units. My intention is to use this as a source for remote living providing 
> electric, some hot water heat. ray
> 1981 vw na pickup
> 92 dodge cummins
> future cabrio diesel
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