[Vwdiesel] Glowplug used for preheating swirlchambers at 6 volts. ( it works )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Mon Feb 14 14:13:35 EST 2005

The basic principle is good. --   get the heat inside the swirlchamber --- the glowplug
is it.

My test is based on    life formula   saying that a very small reduction in voltage
results in a very very BIG increase in life.

Lets get back to the original problem  --:    Getting Mike Smith home on  cold day
from the hospital  ---without plugging in.

Remember this is what I call an OLD  Rabbit.  (Golf).        Like Sandy Cameron   I did only an experiment   by adding a piece of fixture wire    14 Gauge copper.  .Ringlug to # 4 Plug.
Two wires   one for  Indicator light  on dash   one for low voltage heating.

Now all we need to do is sort out max watts time and capacity of spare battery.

I say 45 watts pr plug will do a fine job  if left on for say 4 hours.     All the transformers and
puter supplyes is NOT  appliccable to mike ------but is worth the time for some of us
with burned out blockheaters.(like me)   180 Watts  for 4 hours ?   is possible with
a Lead acid  battery   ---but for deep cycling a NiCad or  Eddison battery is better.
Eddy ?     Nickel -Steel. ------  Surplus   Primary batteries are allso availble .Enormous capacity per pound.

But NOT practical.        ..----sorry to tell you Mike Smith we are back to doing it according to
James Hansen   -- Sandy Cameron --Val Christian and Hagar.     With James on one side and Hagar on the other ?     ---- Shit you would be in time for dinner every day.

But you would have to invite us to a Lobster feast.


PS :    Note that this is  ment for the case where we are  right on the borderline start or no start.

Thank Val Christian if it works for you.   ---------works for me  --thanks Val.

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