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Interesting observations Gerry Wolfe.  All I know is that the Dino
Rotella pours easily in cold temps.  It is the only multi-viscosity
diesel rated Dino oil that I have seen that appears to stay quite liquid
when cold.  Synthetic is best in the deep freeze of the great north
but.... I would bet that Rotella might surprise some with it's liquidity
in the cold!  I know another diesel crazy in Maine uses it year-round
without a problem. 

This is what I noticed.  With other Dino oils such as Delo, with a
plastic valve splash deal it would take forever to refill the crankcase
during an oil change in the cold.  Oil was like thick syrup- like STP.
Rotella went right on down the gullet. 

I recently switched from synthetic to the Rotella just to see what it
would do.  So far I'm not noticing a big difference but it hasn't been
as cold as usual here in Idaho this year.  Heck, we haven't even seen
sub-zero this year!  At 5F my 1.6NA was a bit less talkative on initial
starter engagement but it started right up.

I still like block heaters whenever a plug is available!

Chuck Carnohan

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 Up until this year I had always used 15w40 fossil oil & start up below
degrees F was always dicey. This year I switched to 15w50 Mobil One. The
coldest it has been here so far is -12F & I had no problems starting
vehicle. With fossil oil, the pick up never would have started; Jetta,
maybe. I know that where you are temps get much colder than this, but
synthetic oil's gotta help.
... Bob in NY
IMHO, viscosity of 15w40 fossil and 15w50 synth would be the same at low
temps (altho the synth prob'ly has the edge in ultimate low temp pour
Also, I think the Mobil 1 is primarily intended for use in a gasoline
engines, used to be about CD level for diesels.  If yer looking for a
superior diesel synth oil, you would prob'ly be better off with a 5w40
0w40 diesel oil from Rotella, Mobil (Delvac) or Amsoil or similar.
I personally found a pretty big difference in winter cranking speeds
from Rotella 15w40 fossil to Rotella 5w40 semi-synth.
Just my $0.02Cdn...

rgds, g.

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