[Vwdiesel] Eastern European Starting Fluid?

alstum alstum at visuallink.com
Tue Feb 15 08:22:23 EST 2005

  A missionary I met told me what he saw in Poland 
when his host started his diesel one very cold morning. The 
guy removed the cover from the air cleaner. There was no air 
filter. He took crumpled paper and built a small fire in 
the air cleaner, slapped the cover back on and his diesel 
fired right up. No details on what kind of a diesel it was. 

    This would not work too well with a VW diesel, but 
would a propane torch warming up the air going into the 
air cleaner work in an emergency? Hopefully one would have 
a fire extinguisher handy? MAPP gas would probably be 
too hot. 

    My son's Dodge Cummings had an electric heating element 
in the air intake that did the same job, and his engine 
started fine in very cold weather. 

    My two cents for today! 


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