[Vwdiesel] Injection pump findings, and q's

jon jon at kenneke.com
Wed Feb 16 19:55:29 EST 2005

After many years, I finally purchased a pump timing quage tool. (I already 
had the cam locks, etc.). I have a 1.9NA overland in a 1983 Vanagon.

So, today, since my Van's engine is sounding a little "clattery" I went to 
check cam and pump timing. Cam timing is right on. I was confused for a 
sec: Bentley sez: "TDC is the cams lobe up". I was thinking wrong, and 
expecting the intake valve to be straight up. No, both exhaust and 
intake need to be pointing up-ish (kind of to the sides and up). I should 
have thought about that.

But, once I had that, I put the cam lock in, and the index mark on the 
crank lined right up. Cool.

Then, did the pump timing guage. I measured .050 inches ,which is 1.27 mm. 
Way, way off. No wonder why the engine was clattering. I think this drift 
was probably due to two things: the morons that put the engine in never 
checked it, and the pump has worn. It was probably high to begin with, and 
wore just enough to make the engine clatter.

So, now I need to pull the timing belt cover off (which is a bit of a pain 
in a Vanagon) to set the pump timing.


1) Will leaving the timing at 1.27 cause problems (besides loudness)?
2) I had to pull the valve cover off (of course). The shop used sealant 
with the gasket. I don't think this is right. I scraped the sealant off, 
and replaced the cover/gasket. I don't see any mention of 
sealants in the manual. Comments?
3) The fueling screws seem to be "hidden". Is drilling the "covers" out 
the way to gain access?

For folks that are contemplating doing the above, please let me know if 
you have questions. I can help, maybe. I should have snapped a few 
pictures...but when I set the pump timing, I will be sure to snap some.


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