[Vwdiesel] Timing Belt Cover

Mark Shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Fri Feb 18 16:50:43 EST 2005

I've been bombarding some of the other vw sites so a few
more brains here might give me the answer I'm hunting for:

Looking at the pictures of inline gearboxes I've just
realised that the bell housing includes the diff.
 Not to be deterred the most important part of the 5 ganger
is the gear box with the 0.51 to 1 fifth gear. so the
profile I need to match up is the middle interface. Why I
didnt check this 10 years ago when I had the two setups side
by side I'll never know
Why am I asking? Well over hear in Limeyland the last of the
production of Quantums were all 5 cylinder gassers and I'm
looking for a 'new' body (aren't we all  ) for my 1.6TD and
I didnt want to rip everything out (just most things it

> Whilst I know that the 4 cylinder engines don't match up
> with the 5 cylinder gasser bell housing; does anyone know
> I go back to the gearbox interface would the 4 cylinder
> housing mate up there?
> What needs to be invented/ written is a book of profiles
> interfaces. these could then be traced or scanned for
> matches/near matches for easy DIY Frankenstein's...
> Cheers
> Mark-The-Miser-UK
>  "There's nothing like driving past a bonfire and
> its your car on fire"

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