[Vwdiesel] Noicy Rabbit turbo ? ---(Loren you are correct)

LBaird119 at aol.com LBaird119 at aol.com
Fri Feb 18 17:27:37 EST 2005

> >A very small diesel and  battery electric is a good way right now.   
>Loren gets electricity for say 5 cents pr> 
> >KW/hr ---that makes for economical and non poluting driving.

  Actually it's still about half that.  :-)  People complaing it's not fair 
power rates are so low but really it's about the ONLY commercial/
industrial advantage we have here other than water for agriculture 
and they're trying to take that away for "the fish."  If we ever end up 
with power in the same price range as a lot of the country, this area 
will be SOL.  :-(
  One interesting thing I read on the electric car subject.  Many of the 
newer cars have cleaner and less emissions per KWH than power 
plants.  (thus the advantage here of hydropower, it IS clean).  They 
argued that an electric car, being charged by an oil or coal fired plant 
actually produces more pollutants than a gas powered car when you 
consider what the power plant puts out to make the power to charge 
up the electric car's batteries.    A small series of articles EC had on 
why government MANDATED electric cars wasn't actually an answer.

> >Notice NOW CO2  has snuck in to polution box ? --IMHO   stupid.   
>NOX  CFCs  SO2 > particles ---yes. Acid Rain ?   go to Sudbury and 
>see what that does. Or the Black > Forest in Germany. -----parts are 
>now the BLEEK  forest-.(Bleak?)> 
> >
> >Hagar.  
> >
> >
> >PS :   CO2   is different  IMHO.   USA could reduce CO2 emmisions  
>fairly painless > right now.   By the way HOW ?  can a power plant get 
>rid of CO2 ? bottle it ?  > Store it undergrond?  ---I must have been sick 
>the day that was covered in Chemistry.> 
  "Bleak" is the correct spelling.  :-)
  Yup, I've wondered the same thing.  IMO the catch is there's no need to 
"cut" CO2 production.  For one thing it happens in the proper oxidation 
of most any carbon based molecule.  Would they rather have CO???
Sure, some cuts can happen but the large cutbacks that Kyoto wanted 
would harm the economy, cost a fortune and to what gain?  Plants convert
CO2 back to C and O2 (of course at night plants even produce CO2).  
If CO2 levels rise in the atmosphere plants should do better, thus 
not bringing things back into equilibrium but MAINTAINGING it.  
Same with a slight warming in temps in conjunction with a rise in CO2, 
if things would actually get that far out of balance (due to CO2 only.)
  Guess we could bottle it up and send it to Mars to start terraforming 
or would that be maraforming?  Store it, everybody plant an acre of their 
favorite green leafy plant or pour more concrete.  Concrete absorbs 
huge amounts of CO2 when it cures I've been told.  According to some 
Mars theory, warming the ground 40F would be enough to get a CO2 
blanket operating there so maybe we could set up a bunch of hokey 
rinks by freezing the ground here to absorb it!

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