[Vwdiesel] Tires, tall, narrow.

Sandy Cameron scameron at compmore.net
Fri Feb 18 19:17:11 EST 2005

I have a set of snow tires on the 87 Jetta, on original steel 13" wheels.
They are 175/80x13, a fairly tall profile, and they are just wonderfull for
travelling and handling. I hate to take them off in the summer.
ugly treads, good for off-roading, increased ground clearance, good dirters too.

I got them at wal-mart about 4 or 5 years ago, and can't get them any more.
W-M says they never had a tire with that profile.....go figure...

I would like to get any tires that could be had in 175/80x13 as they have
been the nicest handling I've had on this car in the 15 years I've driven
it. Noisy though.

I haven't really shopped for this size, but perhaps it can be found somewhere.
If any have heard of them, let me know.


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