[Vwdiesel] OT Ecosystem

Mark Shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Sat Feb 19 07:32:18 EST 2005

Andrew says:
How's the atmosphere on Venus.  What all is growing there in
all that
co2?  It's a 900°F greenhouse!

& Loren says...
  I think it's H2SO4 rather than CO2 on Venus.

And I say it doesn't matter what the atmosphere is; it is
too hostile for life as we know it [Jim :o]
Hot/cold/UV extremes etc

THIS is the only planet that can naturally/effortlessly have
us on board so we need to take care of it...
I'm definitely of  the opinion that the CO2 cycle needs to
be utilized/managed properly.
If the rain forests and other swathes of trees hadn't been
cut down what difference would that have made
 to the CO2 levels?
Whilst I don't expect these to be reinstated (much) I can
see of no reason why we don't grow more majestic trees at
every opportunity.
This must make a difference...
A recent local Brownfield development of about 6 acres
chopped down an avenue of London Plane trees on the edge of
the plot not in the way of the three warehouses built but at
30 ft apart obviously too difficult to drive round :o(
Ask any tomato or ganja grower the benefits of increased
CO2; via bottled CO2...
Maybe the tree free areas are there because they drop
I say get the chain gangs to sweep them up rather than
breaking rocks!


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