[Vwdiesel] Where's terminal 30?

Roy Mellor rmellor at swbell.net
Sat Feb 19 23:32:53 EST 2005

I'm pulling my hair out trying to get rid of an
ignition bypass switch set up  by a previous owner of
my '84 diesel Rabbit. When I bought the car it had a
hidden button that needed to be pressed to start the
car. I was told by the person who sold me the car that
this was done as a anti-theft measure. 

I want to hook it back up to be the way it's suppose
to be. The two wires from this "bypass"  switch go
directly to the positive battery terminal and terminal
50 at the solenoid. My problem is how to hook it back
up so the ignition switch works as it should. I can't
figure out where the original circuit was interrupted.

I have used Bentley as best I can and still can't see
why the ignition won't give power to the solenoid. 

Bentley mentions "terminal 30".  I don't know where
that is but I think I found the starter relay attached
to the top of the fuse box. It has a 30 and a 50
terminal. The 30 terminal at that relay is continuous
with the terminal 30 at the ignition switch and the
terminal 50 there is continuous to the solenoid
terminal 50.

Why doesn't the solenoid get power when I turn the
ignition switch? I even tried another ignition switch
I had laying around thinking that the switch may be
bad and it stilldidn't work. Could the relay be bad?
Is there a way to test that. What am I missing?

Any help would be appreciated. This is driving me crazy.

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