[Vwdiesel] Terminal 30? 50 etc ignition problems; Miser Method of cure

Mark Shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Sun Feb 20 09:29:17 EST 2005

this should help:
1) There is no relay for the starter.
2)The ignition signal goes to the solenoid [super relay] on
the starter.
3)There are essentially about two different set-ups:
A) Power comes from the '30' power rail to the ignition
switch. from terminal 'P' on back of relay board to '30' on
ignition switch. This is a 4mm red wire.
 You then under key turning supply power to the '50' line
this is a 4mm black/red [line] wire. This goes directly to
the solenoid on the starter...
B) The black/red [line] goes from the ignition and into the
back of the relay  board along a brass rail and back out
again as a black/red line wire and to the solenoid.
The entry/exit terminals are numbered  (B8 [from ignition]
could also be C18) and D24 going out to the starter
4) There is also ON SOME vehicles a connector block that has
a link to the glowplug relay monitoring/control circuitry
This could technically become separated/open circuited by an
enthusiast ;o)

So what would I do?...
1) Check for permanent power on terminal 30 on ignition
2) Check for switched power to the terminal 50 on ignition
3) See if you have two black/ Red wires going to and from
the back of the relay.
Rumour has it Rabbits get wet boards (corrosion?) although
not in your case...

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