[Vwdiesel] Rabbits and Kyota ? ---( fine combination IMHO )

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Feb 20 09:52:59 EST 2005

      Historic Kyoto treaty takes effect
      KYOTO, Japan: The Kyoto Protocol, the landmark UN treaty on global warming, took effect yesterday after an agonising gestation, supported by 141 nations but boycotted by the world's biggest polluter, the United States. 

I Hagar object to the word " POLLUTER "  in that  context.   ----- but I am very
disappointed that  United States  decided to be a ROQUE  nation.

Loren you are quite right that it makes no sense to charge an electric car from
a coal fired generator.(CO2 wise)  ----Canola should be our first stab at things ---get rid of gasoline
cars or switch to Alcohol.  Rabbit diesels and LUPOS  could be mass produced in
USA and Canada ----if we get serious about things. -----GREED still rules  so nothing
will be done till Boston is under water. I was involved with EV-1     GM electric
blunder.  -----.
I talk to a Dane dayly who has at least one LUPO   ----and he is happy as hell with it.
Canada will not import at this time.

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