[Vwdiesel] Where's terminal 30?

Mark Shepherd mark at shepher.fsnet.co.uk
Sun Feb 20 11:30:05 EST 2005

Gary according to my UK book terminal H wasfor 1977 up to
August 1982
Gary wrote:
know my '80 Rabbit fuse panel is different, but terminal 30
will be
one of those six or seven big spade connections on the back
of the
panel. On my panel they are labeled block 'H'. They will not
be part of
any plug-in connector.

As far as that starter relay you mentioned, there isn't a
starter relay.
Not shown or listed in the schematics. Is there more than
just four
leads attached to this? It may be your glow plug relay. As
this has a
term 50 going to it.

For the '84, you should have: Batt -> term 30(fuse block) ->
term 30(ign
switch) -> term 50(ign switch) -> term 50(solenoid on

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