[Vwdiesel] Kyoto try two.

H . Hagar. h_hagar at prcn.org
Sun Feb 20 13:10:08 EST 2005

I like the warm winters so why am I for Kyoto ?   ---my opbringing maybe ?   --
leave something for your kids and their kids and so on`?

Kyoto is why I drive a Rabbit ?   ---hell no ---I like the looks the handling the utility
the sound the 78 miles to a gallon Imp the easy way to fix the PRICE   ---
Bunny Bondo ?  500 dollars Canadian.-----  hard to beat.

Look at Mike Smith in Lobster land  100 dollars Canadian for a Golf ? ---- and there are lots of VW diesels for sale for 200 or less right now (NON starters).

As far a energy ?  is conserned Canada is riding high  ----per capita reserves ?   I
shall die before we even make a dent in the reserves. 

Will the plants take up the carbon and lock it up ? ---a smll amount yes ---but go
to Tennesee and Kentucky and see for yourself haw many tons of coal is mined ?.
Some idea can be had from Wold Almanac and book of facts.   

How is CO2  measured in the atmosphere ?  by tons or cubic feet or what ? does
anyone know ?    % by weight  ?.or volume ?

We the Rabbit owners are part of the solution ---that should make you smile.


PS :   My advice to my American friends ---start right now NOW and construct
special Bicycle lanes all over the country. And laws to make cars respect that traffic.
On the funnybone side ?   danes  are handing out free light to anyone who forgot to bring one.
I had nightmares for 40 years about trying to get a light on the way home.
A policeman still had respect in those days.-----I never did find out what the penalty was.
Long winded ?  ---yeah I  so delighted to be back

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