[Vwdiesel] Terminal 50 / Ignition problems

Roy Mellor rmellor at swbell.net
Sun Feb 20 14:07:03 EST 2005

Still trying to trace source of ignition system
failure in my '84 diesel Rabbit. Starter works fine
when jumped at the solenoid (terminals 30 & 50)

However, nothing happens when trying to start using
the key. Checking the ignition switch reveals that
terminal 50 there does not get power with the key
turned to the "start" position. Terminal 30 at the
ignition switch is "always on".

The previous owner used a bypass switch to start the
car that I'd like to remove it. I was told by the
seller this was an ant-theft measure.

Should turning the key to "start" give power to
terminal 30 at the ignition? If so how? 

I thought the ignition switch may be bad but swapping
it out with a spare didn't solve things. Any ideas on
what to check next would be appreciated.

- Roy

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