[Vwdiesel] Diesel rabbit wheels / tires

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Sun Feb 20 19:57:09 EST 2005

Bryant Baecht wrote:
> Thanks for the update Miser!  I've got the four speed in mine but am looking
> for a 5 speed someday.  I figure if I increase the tire circumference, I'll
> need the extra overlap of the gears.  Dreaming and scheming...Course if I
> put the turbo engine in it, I'll be set!  I think the first thing I'll do is
> update the struts.  Been talking to some people about that, and have a
> friend that probably has boag struts for the little rabbit so should be able
> to get it done cheap, which, I'm sure will help the ride A TON.  Ball joints
> are on the list of todo's too.
> Bryant
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> Bryant
> I suspect that tall and thin is best. Whatever happened to
> crossplys with their firm walls? I hated my first set of
> radials.. it was like riding on jelly unless I added 10psi
> above recommended :o(
> Effectively you'd only loose torque on 1st gear and you
> could use first instead of 2nd; 2nd where you'd normally use
> 3rd...and 5th where you'd like 6th to be...{8OD}

I currently run a set of 185-70R13 Yoko Avid Touring tires on my '82.  They are about an inch taller than stock and they have a
very stiff sidewall (hard rubber added) and handle very well:


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