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> CO2 control and the Kyoto treaty was a thinly veiled attempt to siphon money
> out of the US economy and distribute to other countries.  Since every living
> thing on earth produces the stuff, it's ridiculous to try and control it.

All plant matter is made by taking co2 and water and combining them into 
hydrocarbons through photosythesis.  It is true that one phase of photosythesis 
produces co2 and absorbs o2, but the other phase of producing o2 and absorbing 
co2 is far greater.  The net result of plants growing is the production of 
hydrocarbons and the absorption of co2 and water.  Plants do not produce (net) co2 
they fix it into hydrocarbon, to say that they do is ridiculous.  It would be 
like saying that humans absorb water.  Completely absurd. 
As Loren mentioned, ocean life is perhaps a better sink for co2 than forests. 
 One concern is that a liquids capacity to dissolve co2 is decreased 
dramatically as the temperature is increased.  My most major hope is that increased 
temperature will cause oceanic life to increase co2 absorbing ability.  That has 
not been demonstrated. 
The negative effect of the destruction of rainforests is made far more 
dramatic as that land mass is used for cattle grazing.  The net result is that a 
large co2 sink is removed and replaced with a greenhouse gas producer.  Cattle 
are large producers of co2 and more importantly methane and nitric oxide.  It's 
a quadruple whammy.  When you then add to the mix the practice of digging up 
as much hydrocarbon matter as possible and reducing that to water and co2 the 
whole thing gets really questionable.  To use fuels which are produced by 
carbon absorption (biofuels) is not questionable.  It is a complete cycle.  
Feasibly, the only byproduct being usable energy and the only thing consumed being 
solar energy (in the initial photosythetic process).
VW diesels are great.  They are economical, reliable and when run on biofuels 
are part of responsible living.  :-)  Who titled this as Off Topic?
I do not know what the end result will be.

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