[Vwdiesel] Re: OT Ecosystem

Justin and Chelly Bennett cjb at midrivers.com
Mon Feb 21 11:14:45 EST 2005

Another problem with preserving old growth forest from both logging and 
fire is how much co2 is actually used.  Young growing trees consume more 
co2 then old trees.  Also you will find most of your animal life in 
either open timber stands or along the interface zone between the timber 
and the clearings.  The animals use the heavy timber for protection from 
weather and prediators.  So are we being good stewards of the land when 
we are not allowing fires to burn or sensible timber harvest?  Another 
clear cut that people forget about is the miles of grasslands and timber 
that have been lost to the interstate/highway system and the national 
power grid  system.  I am also concerned about the amount of  farm land 
that is being lost every year to subdivisions.  Here in Montana and 
Idaho some of the best crop growing land is being lost to tracs of ticy 
tak housing.  I know people need a place to live, but put your house 
someplace that isn't viable crop land.  Do I have the answers?  Probably 
not, but I wonder if either side of the argument are good stewards of 
the land.  One side seems to favor strip it bare and leave and the other 
wants it locked away, neither option seems viable concerning a living 

>  Not positive 
>but it seems I've read that rain forests aren't all that efficient at 
>in an overall sense due to the huge canopy.  Only the upper plants 
>are really contributing.  The lower ones are in shade enough that 
>the CO2 --> O2 time isn't much more than the O2 --> CO2 time in 
>all that shade and darkness.

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