[Vwdiesel] Noicy Rabbit turbo ? ---(Loren you are correct)

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Mon Feb 21 12:06:36 EST 2005

I'm just a diesel engine lovin engineer.  I am not an eco-nut.  
I suspect i'm a minority on this list.  I'm not looking to save
the planet, I'm looking to save my money for other things than

And the green movement doesn't pass MY litmus test for realistic
assesment of energy usage, pollution, and earth cycles for starters.
I am not going to go into it further on this list though, that's what
the Eurodieselcars list was created for.  If you want to discuss 
this further, join us there.  

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> Wow, it is extremely obvious from looking around that humans 
> HAVE made an 
> absolutely humongous impact on this planet and it's 
> ecosystem.  As far as 
> biofuels not providing enough fuel, that's also completely 
> absurd.  Perhaps not 
> enough for the current insane modern lifestyle, but biofuels 
> are pretty much all 
> humans had prior to the last 250 years, in the big picture, a 
> very short span of 
> time.  Aside from nuclear fission, which is a poor short term 
> answer, and an 
> insane long term one, all energy is solar, gravitational or 
> geothermal in 
> origin.  Digging up hydrocarbons has, in the big picture, a 
> very short lifespan 
> regardless of it's environmental effect on the planet.  If we 
> consume more 
> energy than biofuel can produce, then short of a miracle, we 
> will very quickly hit 
> an energy crisis brick wall.
> Andrew 
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